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P. J. Dahlhausen & Co. GmbH

Only the best for our employees.

„Best all-round treatment for hospitals” – this is our promise to every hospital
in the country. Dahlhausen’s medical technology, with 2 500 different quality products,
is one of Europe’s largest sole-source providers of clinical supplies.

As impulse generator and one of the market leaders in medical technology, our drive
is unwavering. We need quick decision making and flat managerial hierarchies.
Therefore our employees are given responsibility and scope for creativity from early on.

As a fourth-generation family business, we place high importance on team spirit and
support each other just as a family would do. At the end of the day, what counts is a
common purpose and not individual prestige.

Each employee can count on his commitment being recognised and acknowledged.
For everybody knows each other at Dahlhausen and contacts extend across many levels and positions.

Become a part of the Dahlhausen family. So you as an employee will want for nothing.


Current Vacancies

There are currently no vacant positions available.


Apprenticeship Training

There are currently no apprenticeship posts available.


Points of Contact

Tel.: +49 2236 3913 - 0
Fax: +49 2236 3913 - 109
eMail: info@dahlhausen.de